The Reason Why We Write Korean Graded Readers

We couldn't find any graded readers when we searched back in 2018.

Our journey began when co-founders Lee-Anne and Sung-Ju sat in a study cafe one day in May 2018. 

We crossed paths in a middle school in Busan in 2017. In 2018, we realised there weren’t any graded readers for Lee-Anne to practice Korean. As language teachers, we understand the immense benefits of easy-to-read books for language learners. In the study cafe in spring, we decided to write our own.

Keen to start on the project, we researched the basis of graded readers. We saw graded readers in English, Mandarin and Japanese as well-structured and high-quality. We spent the next two years developing our skills. Our vision had to materialise.

In 2021, we published ‘Spring Again and Summer Part One.’ This book is the first of the series, the Korean Classic Reader. This novella has become popular among beginners to start reading in Korean.

Some arguments suggest that graded readers are not authentic. They are not written for native readers but for language learners. The idea of graded readers is to build readers up to be able to read native-level books. Graded readers are carefully designed to be suitable for the reader’s level. Graded readers have lots of repetition, simple grammar and sentences, illustrations and audio.

Lang-Wich addresses the scarcity of quality graded readers in the Korean language. Currently, we write novellas and short stories suitable for high beginners. Our stories are fun, modern and easy to read.

Reading with us exposes you to new vocabulary in context with lots of chances to practice and remember them.

The first three graded readers were published by Lang-Wich between 2021 and 2023. 

FAQs & How-To Guide for Graded Readers

Where can I find graded readers in Korean?

Our graded readers are available at our shop for digital editions and Amazon for printed editions.

Buy the print copy

Buy our eBook from our shop

Buy the ebook set copy

How do I choose the right level of graded reader?

We currently are working on Level One books. These books are for 'A2' or 'high beginner' level learners.
Take a look at our sample chapters. This can give you an idea of what level you are.

If the stories are too hard for you for now, please do not feel intimidated. Buying a copy of the book will help you "read up" which means, you will be exposed to more vocabulary and grammar early on. With lots of repetition, you will start to understand more each time you read. Of course, you will still need to study Korean but use this to help you with comprehension.

If you understand most of the story use ur books to keep reviewing and practicing. You will find that you can listen and learn with only the audio helping you practice your listening comprehension too.

If this book is too easy, then you're more than welcome to return to us later when we have our next level or find content suitable for your level.

get your free copy

You will get a digital copy of all three books and audio files.


Any tips for using our graded readers effectively?

1. Regular Practice: Incorporate reading into your daily language practice.
2. Use Supplementary Materials: Many graded readers come with audio recordings or vocabulary lists. Use these to enhance your learning.
3. Engage Actively: Take notes, highlight new words, and summarize what you've read in Korean. We have lots of space on the page to make notes.
4. Enjoy the Process: Choose books that interest you to keep the learning process enjoyable.

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