The Deeper the Darkness the Brighter the Stars Shine
어둠이 깊어질수록 별은 더욱 빛난다

Everything you need to know about this Korean graded reader.

This is a Level One novel

Suitable for high beginner learners

If beginner materials are not challenging enough and intermediate resources are too hard.
Let us introduce to you the middle ground you've been looking for.

The English Classic Original

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Set in the late Georgian-Early Victorian England

The Original Story

Jane Eyre, an orphan, embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads her to Thornfield Hall, where she becomes a governess.

In the shadowed hallways and within the confines of her duties, she finds herself drawn to her enigmatic employer, Mr. Rochester.

As Jane navigates her growing affections, she uncovers secrets that threaten to unravel her hopes and dreams. Facing choices that challenge her morals and desires, Jane's path crosses with St. John Rivers, who offers her a different kind of future. Yet, her heart and her search for a true sense of belonging guide her back to Thornfield and Mr. Rochester.

Throughout this tale, Jane Eyre wrestles with themes of love, social class, gender roles, and the quest for independence and identity, making it a timeless exploration of the human condition.

This story invites readers into a world where the pursuit of one's true self and the fight for personal freedom can lead to unexpected places.

An adaptation of Jane Eyre

Our Take on the original

Kim Ji-Su, a young girl who wants to be successful like everyone around her but her age, wealth or power block her from achieving what she wants. Ji-Su learns that the paths she did not expect open up opportunties for her to widen her scope and experiences beyond her imagination.

Focusing on the family aspect of Ji-Su's life, our story shows how Ji-Su handles her family situation and her own independence. This story invites readers into a modern world of Jane Eyre where growing up alone can build bridges with people she had not expected.

Book Two in the Korean Classic Reader Series

The Deeper the Darkness the Brighter the Stars Shine

Set in the early-mid 2000s, South Korea

Graded Reader Features

  • This book uses grammar and vocabulary from textbooks that are suitable for your level.
  • It has illustrations, discussion questions, footnotes, glossary, and grammar list to help you read through this book without is using a dictionary.
  • It is an easy-to-read Korean story to improve your reading entirely in Korean.
  • You can read a fun, short, story set in modern-day Korea
  • You can start and finish a book in a short time
  • There are lots of white spaces to make notes on
  • You can feel relieved because you can read at your level instead of waiting until you are an advanced level
      More about the book


      Chapters: The Deeper the Darkness, the Brighter the Stars Shine
      <어둠이 깊어길수록 별은 더욱 빛난다>
      제 1 장 – 외로움
      제 2 장 – 편지
      제 3 장 – 비밀
      제 4 장 – 인턴십
      제 5 장 – 쌍둥이
      제 6 장 – 만남
      제 7 장 – 대답
      제 8 장 – 함께

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      More about the book

      Who is this book for?

      We have designed a roadmap for you to have a clear direction when reading our books. This book is level one.

      • It is for upper beginner or pre-intermediate learners (A2)
      • Children over the age of 12, young adults, adults
      • Someone who has a keen interest in reading entirely in Korean
      • Although not a continuation from Spring Again, and Summer in storyline, we recommend reading this book after book one in the Korean Classic Reader series. New words that appear in book one, are not highlighted words in book two. Of course, you can start from this book but we recommend reading from book one.

      More about the book

      What about audio?

      When you learn any language, you have to hear it so you can make sure you are saying/reading it correctly. All our books come with audio. Please flip to the back of the book and you will see the audio link to download the audio to the device of your choice.
      Please ensure you have a working email address to receive the download.

      Any problems, please or on our Contact Us page.

      More about the book

      Product Details

      Paper Book: 106 pages
      Product Dimensions: 127 * 188 * 6.22 mm
      Book Weight: 200g

      Shipping Weight: 200g

      Extra resources


      Designed as a complimentary activity book to our graded readers, we have written these workbooks to help you pull together all what you have been learning from your other studies so you can fun in Korean.

      While the graded reader gives you a chance to read without interruptions, the workbook invites you to dig deeper and challenge you to expand your language skills.


      Workbook Features

       A quick list of all the features

      • Section 1: Listening comprehension - Fill in the blanks & Correct the mistakes
      • Section 2: Dictation
      • Section 3: Reading comprehension
      • Section 4: Writing
      • Section 5: Colouring section



      Is listening your weakness? Spellings? Reading and understanding? We have a fill-in-the-blanks, correct the mistake and dictation exercise to help you with spelling practise, reading comprehension or improve your listening skills.

      You also get all the answers at the back of the book.

      There's a colouring section of one of the illustrations from the graded reader for you to colour in.

      Why did you include a writing section?

      With the writing section, you can practise copying a text from the book in your own handwriting to get a feel of writing in Korean and to develop muscle memory.

      If you don't get enough handwriting practise, this workbook is a good start for you. It'll help you with writing sentences rather than single words. Plus, you get to hear what you are writing/reading as each section comes from the graded reader itself.


      Audio and Product Details

      What about audio?

      All our workbooks come with audio. Please flip to the back of the book and you will see the audio link to download the audio to the device of your choice. Please ensure you have a working email address to receive the download.

      There are instructions on the audio/video file so please follow the instructions per chapter.

      Any problems, please or on our Contact Us page.

      Product Details

      Paper Book: 78 pages
      Product Dimensions: 188 * 257 * 5.34 mm
      Book Weight: 200g

      Shipping Weight: 300g

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