Spring Again, and Summer Part Two
봄은 다시, 여름으로 두 번째 이야기

Offering a fantasy approach to our Korean Classic Reader series, follow the second and final instalment of the novella.

Spring Again, and Summer Part Two, 2018, South Korea

Our Take on the Story

Since this book is a second instalment, there is no need to explain the original story again. This adaptation is centred on the interactions between Jo Seo-ha and Kang Min-yae who are Catherine Moreland and Isabella Thorpe respectively. Spring Again, and Summer Part Two takes a fantasy approach with time travel and second chances for Seo-ha to speak up when given the chance to.

Why a second book?
The first book wasn’t quite finished. It was our first book but there was a story we wanted to try out: Fantasy & time travel.
We haven’t seen anything like this as a graded reader before and so we wanted to see how this story would be if given more context.

What is our book about?
In part 2 of Spring Again, and Summer, Seo-ha makes a wish that changes her understanding of herself and her friend, Kang Min-ae. Surprised to have time travelled, how does Seo-ha use these second chances? We take a closer look at Catherine and Isabella's friendship from the original story.

Graded Reader Features

  • Suitable for high beginner or pre-intermediate level
  • Lots of repetition
  • Footnotes
  • A glossary
  • Useful vocabulary and grammar structures that can be used in daily life
  • An audiobook and workbook are available

want to get a copy?

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