This page will introduce you to graded readers and other resources to help you with your language learning.

What is a graded reader?

Graded readers are simplified texts that allow language learners to read according to their language level. “Grading” or having a strict control on the language in these books allows language learners to read literature in another language using a range of controlled grammar, vocabulary, and sentences complexities, accompanied with illustrations within a simple plot to explore a range of topics that the reader can read without constantly turning to a dictionary. Graded Readers use a wide range of established literature from literary classics, to biographies or original stories to convey stories the language learner will find easy to follow varying in levels of difficulties from beginner to advanced.

Klassic Reader: Korean Graded Reader

Looking for modern Korean Graded Readers for elementary to intermediate levels? Lang-Wich is creating modern adaptations of English classic stories. Click the button to find out more.

Folklore Graded Reader

Korean Folklore may be difficult for international learners so Lang-wich has complied anthologies for learners who want to pursue traditional tales graded to their level. Click the button to learn more.

Korean Short Stories

Sign up for elementary short stories direct to your inbox every Sunday accompanied with audio and quiz

Chinese Short Stories

Graded short stories posted once a week accompanied with audio and quiz

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