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Lang-Wich's story began with a question: "Are there any graded readers in Korean?"
what are graded readers?

Graded readers are easy-to-read texts specifically designed for language learners. The content has restricted vocabulary and simple sentence structures to allow learners to read and understand the text that is appropriate for their language level.

The word "graded" talks about the different levels of difficulty that are available which relates to the stages of language learning. As learners improve their skills they can move on to higher levels and expand vocabulary and comprehension abilities. The long-term goal is to progress to be able to read native texts while being comfortable with the task.

Graded readers cover a wide range of topics and genres. They give readers a more engaging and contextual way to learn language and helps with confidence levels when completing the reader.

what we do

We looked for good reading materials for low-level Korean-language learners but they did not exist. We could only find folklore, children's books or very high-level stories. This was not good enough. We saw that many low-level learners have had to wait until they were at a higher level to have more access to reading books. Why should you have to wait?

Co-founders, Lee-Anne Davis and Sung-Ju Kim set out to learn how to craft high-quality, fun, modern, and easy-to-read stories. They wanted to challenge the reader to understand the story entirely in Korean with the help of footnotes, audiobooks and workbooks.

Our goal is to get you started in reading in your target language from an early stage. Our books are for Korean learners who want to expand their reading skills.

our levels

We have divided our books into levels so that you can follow our stories where you currently are.

Level One
Currently, we are working on level one books which are designed for A2 (high beginner or pre-intermediate) learners.
If you are not this level, don't be put off! Reading above your level can help you practise your understanding and learn new vocabulary and grammar outside textbooks. Of course, you can always return when you are ready.

our series

We have two series available at the moment: The Korean Classic Reader and the Sam Sam Sam Magazine. Both series are level one.

The Korean Classic Reader takes English-language classic stories and adapts them into stories that are set in morden-day Korean cities. We use English-language classics because most readers will know the basics of the story and will be able to focus on understanding the story in Korean.

The Sam Sam Sam Magazine is a creative adaptation of cookbook and graded reader blended together. Giving readers a chance to use Korean in their daily lives, this spin on graded readers allows short stories, cooking vocabulary and beautiful visuals all to be a part of the learning experience.

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