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You may be wondering who is behind Lang-Wich and why it started.⁠

The co-founders of Lang-Wich are Lee-Anne Davis from the UK & Sung-Ju Kim from South Korea. They met while teaching in the same middle school in Busan, in 2017. Lee-Anne taught English and Sung-Ju taught Chinese.⁠

Lee-Anne was learning Korean and maintaining Chinese. She had lived in China before and did not want to lose Chinese completely. With that, Sungju and Lee-Anne began to study together in the popular study rooms (공부방).⁠

In 2018, Sung-Ju and Lee-Anne were using graded readers in Chinese and English as part of their studies.⁠
‘Are there any graded readers in Korean?’⁠
Sung-Ju immediately went on a hunt to find some. Most books were mostly based on folklore in Korean but they were not easy to read.⁠
As teachers, language learners, and creatives they thought about it for a moment. ‘Why don't we write them?’⁠
And here they are.⁠

Lee-Anne and Sung-Ju know that without being able to read, there is huge limitations to communicating in the target language. Through reading, they found how to use words and are able to remember them in the correct context.⁠

Learning Korean is no different. Although today, there are more reading resources in Korean, some have too many new words in one chapter. Many are not designed for language learners. Lastly, there is no roadmap in reading as there is with other languages and that can make readers feel like they do not have a direction in Korean.⁠

Starting Lang-Wich is a personal language-learner pain as the co-founders know the benefits of reading in another language. So instead of waiting for others to do it, Lee-Anne and Sung-Ju decided to pick up the mantel. ⁠

Learn more about us on our website. Link in bio. ⁠

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Ideation in 2018

Established In 2020

Made by Creative Language Teachers

Something about Lee-Anne

Hey! I'm one of the co-founders, Lee-Anne and I have spent many years reading, writing and talking about stories. As someone who likes languages, I wish to blend my interests together to create more ways to get us language learners well versed in our target language(s). As a language learner myself, I have enjoy the chance to learn about other people's cultures and this is why you are here on Lang-Wich's website today. My love for stories and language learning is the reason why I have co-founded Lang-Wich.


Certified English as a Foreign Language Teacher

Leaving the UK in 2014 to work in China, and then again in 2016 for South Korea, I utilised my CELTA certificate, met people from all over the world, explored and experienced how cultures in East and South East Asia lived. I also learned how to use chopsticks properly. 

Co-founder & Operations Director

I am the co-founder of Lang-Wich as well as working on project initiation, customer service management including the newsletters you receive every so often from me :), and operations of the business.

8 Years Experience

I have enjoyed teaching in schools, being a writing coach and reading English literature but these days, I desire to create content for language learners and develop my knowledge of the language-learning industry. 


I enjoy reading, discussing and analysing stories. Stories are everywhere and even as I learn new languages, I look for ways to understand how stories are told as it helps me know more about the culture and its people. I want to be able to reach as many audiences in their own tongue. 

Contact Lee-Anne

Want to speak to Lee-Anne directly? leeanne@lang-wich.com

Lee-Anne on IG

Something about Sung-Ju

Hello. I have been exposed to various foreign languages from my school years. Even after choosing Chinese as a major, I continued to learn other languages. Language learning opens up new opportunities for me to communicate and understand different cultures. I’d love to collect various narratives through reading, watching, listening, meeting, and having conversations. I dream of sharing stories that can give people hope and inspire their dreams.


Certified Chinese Language Teacher

Having a 1st-grade qualification as a secondary school teacher and an international Chinese language teaching certification, along with winning awards in Chinese language teaching competitions.

Co-founder & Product Manager

As a co-founder of Lang-Wich, I am involved in various projects and taking them from start to finish. Additionally, as a product manager, I am responsible for the entire process of creating books. Furthermore, as a content marketer, I am engaged in promoting the Lang-Wich brand and spreading the word about the books.

10+ Years Experiences

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language in a secondary school for over a decade demonstrates my extensive experience in the field. I have positively influenced the lives of many students throughout my career.

Design enthusiast

I am passionate about design and having an admiration for designers makes me a design enthusiast. The desire to express visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing designs has driven me to become a design aficionado. I want to create even more beautiful and stunning books is my passion.

Contact Sungju

Want to speak to Sungju directly?  sungju@lang-wich.com 

Sungju on IG

Get In Touch

Want to speak to us about something? Send us an email to hello@lang-wich.com 

Work With Us

Would you like to work with us? Send us an email to hello@lang-wich.com

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