Introducing Easy-to-Read Korean Books

What are easy-to-read books?

Reading in a foreign language can be a challenge if you lack support in your language journey. Easy-to-read books help you expand your target language knowledge through stories. These books expose you to familiar vocabulary. The grammar is straightforward. The sentences are simple and there are supportive illustrations. This approach makes sure you understand the story without using a dictionary. In our graded readers, we use footnotes, we repeat the vocabulary often so you remember new words and we supplement each book with audio. 

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Find out more about easy-to-read books you can read at your current level.

Reading at your level
It is important to have reading materials that are appropriate for your level. A good benchmark is to understand about 80% of the text comfortably. Most languages have a proficiency test that can help determine your level. They offer detailed word and grammar lists for each stage of learning which can gauge where you are in your target language.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of reading in Korean

Using books in Korean can speed up your learning journey. Reading helps you become fluent, build confidence, and deepen your language knowledge. Native-level books may seem daunting. They use complex sentences and lots of unfamiliar vocabulary so you end up stopping regularly to use a dictionary. Starting with easy-to-read books gives you a gentle, yet effective learning curve.

Here’s how:


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of reading in Korean

Learning new vocabulary in context:
When you understand new words within the narrative context, you learn the meaning and how to use them correctly. This method mirrors how you acquire words in your first language. It also reinforces the learning process and helps develop fluency and conversational speed in Korean.

Building reading speed:
Graded readers are tailored to gradually increase your reading speed. Each chapter has a limited set of new words, lots of repetition, simple sentences and illustrations. Reading every day you will find yourself navigating through the chapters with ease. 

Feeling a sense of achievement:

Progress in language learning can sometimes feel elusive. When you finish an entire book in Korean, you have a tangible milestone that reflects your knowledge and effort. It’s an accomplishment that encourages you to keep going.

Broaden your scope with Korean Graded Readers
Adding easy-to-read books into your study routine can give you a refreshing and positive way to improve your skills. As you explore the world through the lens of another language, each book you complete marks a step closer to fluency. 

Where can I find graded readers in Korean?

Our graded readers are available at our shop for digital editions and Amazon for printed editions.

Easy-to-read Korean Novels

Read adapted English classic stories in Korean and improve your speed and fluency.

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