What you need to know about the Korean Classic Reader

Is this series for you to grow in your language-learning journey?

Why use English Classic Stories?

The Korean Classic Reader is our book series that uses classic English stories. We use these stories because they are popular stories that many readers will have read or know about the story. The reader can use their knowledge of the Korean language to “piece together” what is happening in the story.ย The stories in this series are adapted and modernised versions of the original.ย 

We are aware of the struggles learners have in learning and maintaining a language. We know that it is not always easy to find fun, modern and easy-to-read stories. That’s why we decided to create Lang-Wich.ย 

Our aim is to build readers’ confidence by improving speed, fluency and understanding through reading in another language.

How does this type of book help you read in Korean?

At Lang-Wich, we use the term “easy-to-read books” but in the language community,ย  this type of book is called a “graded reader.” Graded readers help language learners improve their fluency in reading, writing, listening and speaking. They also expand vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

Graded readers are different to children’s books and here are 3 reasonsย  why:ย 

1. Graded readers use simple plot lines that are easy to follow.

Graded reader writers know that learners have limited knowledge of the language. They keep the plot basic but not boring. You can find many graded readers written in different genres to reach a wide range of interests.ย 

Although children’s books are simple, they are not made for language learners. The assumed audience is native speakers. These books will have lots of contexts that non-native speakers will come to learn later on. In that respect, that’s one reason why graded readers are more suitable for language learners.ย 

2. Graded readers use a limited amount of vocabulary and grammar structures.

These vocabulary banks and grammar structures are likely to be from textbooks and other studying materials that have been academically approved. Using this type of foundation allows you to have a guide to building yourself up in Korean.ย 

Graded readers, however, will take vocabulary and grammar structures and apply them to daily interests and usages for you to practically use. You will apply your language knowledge outside of the classroom and use it practically. Children’s books will do the same but they use words thatย 


3. Graded readers are to enhance what you have been studying.

Graded readers are not textbooks. They are for leisure – something to read on your commute or when you have some downtime, for example.ย 

There is a lot of repetition so you can learn and remember words in context. This helps with all language skills because you can use it in the correct context.ย ย 


Who is this series for?

This series is for anyone who likes to expand their studies. It is good for anyone “breaking into” reading in Korean for the first time.ย 

Our stories are simple but compelling with a simple message throughout the story.ย 


What we provide

We always have an audiobook available for each book we write so you can listen to the story. The audio is slow enough for you to hear every word and read along or listen and say.

We also have workbooks available for readers who want to use our books as an additional activity to their studies.ย 

The Deeper the Darkness, The Brighter the Stars Shine

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