What is a Graded Reader?

by Lee-Anne

A graded reader is an easy read book that is based on the extensive reading approach written specially for learners of English as a foreign language. “Grading” or having a strict control on the language in these books allows language learners to read literature in another language at their level using a range of controlled grammar, vocabulary, and sentences, accompanied with illustrations within a simple plot to explore a range of topics that the reader can read without constantly turning to a dictionary. Graded Readers use a wide range of established literature from literary classics, to biographies or original stories to convey stories the language learner will find easy to follow.

Lang-wich has taken the concept of graded readers and applied it to other languages outside popular European languages such as English, Spanish, French and German, all languages that have extensive reading materials for language learners. At present, there are many Chinese and Japanese graded readers available on the market to purchase online from various stores. However, there are few graded readers for Korean language learners. As a Korean language learner myself, I have found some but they are still above my current level therefore, Lang-wich aims to create graded readers in Korean based on adaptations of English classic literature (at present, Chinese and other languages in the future).

Further reading – Nation, I.S.P and Waring, R. (2020) Teaching Extensive Reading in Another Language. Routledge, New York. 

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