Klassic Reader: Korean Graded Reader

Looking for modern Korean Graded Readers for elementary to intermediate levels? Lang-Wich is creating modern adaptations of English classic stories.

Introducing you to the 'Klassic Reader'

Korean Graded Readers

We have created a book series called 'Klassic Reader' which uses English-language classic literature that has been adapted into a modern Korean setting. These novellas use controlled vocabulary, grammar and sentence complexities, illustration and footnotes to help readers be on their way to being more confident in reading in Korean. There are also audiobooks available for each novella. Below, you will see the upcoming books. Subscribe to our mailing list below to learn when these books will be released.
The estimated date for the first book is due to be released autumn 2021.

Modern Adapatation of Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey

봄은 다시 여름으로

The first Klassic Reader book in this series is called "봄은 다시 여름으로" which translates to "Spring Again, and Summer."

This book is a slice of life story following the protagonist who experiences new challenges as she leaves high school. The story covers many language points such as self-introductions, daily routine, ordering food to name a few. This is great for learners who are familiar with Korean between a high elementary - pre-intermediate level.

The blurb:
Moving to a new city for university isn't always easy, but with her friends from her hometown, can Jo Seo-ha adapt to the new changes in her life?

Autumn 2021

More classics books will be uploaded here before its release date