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Why did we name our levels after food? Simply because you’ll remember it! 😀

We decided to go for food because it is a part of our brand. Lang-Wich is about culture; language + food. Other companies use levels “1, 2, 3” etc to separate their levels. We did not want our readers who use other resources to assume that it’s all the same.

The Kimbap level is designed for learners who are at the A2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. Learners who are at this level are able to communicate about everyday situations. They can talk about their personal and family information, shopping, their job and places of interest. A2-level learners can use simple language to talk about their past, the environment and what is important to them.

Photo by makafood: https://www.pexels.com/photo/gimbap-on-white-ceramic-plate-8995161/

We have three separate series in our Kimbap level: Korean Classic Reader, Original Stories and Sam Sam Sam Magazine.

Our Korean Classic Reader is based on adapted English classics. As an A2-level learner, you will be familiar with lots of different topics in Korean. At some point in your school career, you would have read classic stories so we decided to create short Korean adaptations.

We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet but have you read a version set in modern-day Korea? The point of reading in Korean is for comprehension. Assuming you already know the story, you are only working to understand it in Korean. We keep the story simple, the sentence structures simple, and we repeat the vocabulary and grammar structures.

For the Original Stories, we decided to create stories that vary in genres. This is based on our research on what type of books Korean-language learners want to read. Our series ranges from vampires to environmental issues. We aim to build up readers to read a wide range of books across different interests and topics.

For the Sam Sam Sam Magazine, we are writing short magazines that are based on different areas of culture in Korea. From food to history, you will read graded-magazines that are practical and educational for your level.

Sam Sam Sam - First Edition

We chose to create our own word lists and the level system as there was nothing available for us to use. What we create at Lang-Wich required everything to start from scratch. We worked out which words and grammar should go in each level through many weeks of research. Although it took us a long time, it was necessary. We needed to check with Korean-language teachers, Korean-language learners at that level and of course, published textbooks. We are confident that our level system is correct for the assigned learners. We also have had lots of feedback in our DMs and reviews confirming this.

While planning these levels, we asked ourselves “what is appropriate?” If learners lived in Korea, “can they use this in their daily lives?” “is it practical?” If learners didn’t live in Korea, “how can they still communicate with Korean speakers?”

Spring Again, and Summer

In my own Korean studies, I found it difficult to know where I was, thus I became very frustrated as I could not see my progression. I had said many times that I felt “all over the place” in my language journey.

Reading the Kimbap level books will allow you to have greater clarity on your Korean-language journey. This will give you a chance to find out areas you need to improve. It is very easy to get excited about moving on to a new textbook but how do you use Korean? Using our readers, you will be able to apply your skills to new stories in your downtime.

In our native language, we know that the best way to learn new words is through reading, so why wouldn’t we do the same in a foreign language?

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Current books available in Kimbap Level

Korean Classic Readers and Sam Sam Sam Magazine

Spring Again, and Summer


The Deeper the Darkness, the Brighter the Star Shines

Korean Summer Food, First Edition

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