Modern Korean Short Stories : I got a Cold <감기에 걸렸어요>

Short story all in Korean with a YouTube video below

I got a Cold – 감기에 걸렸어요

감기에 걸렸어요.

봄이 왔어요. 하루는 따뜻하고 하루는 추워요. 날씨가 계속 변해요. 주말에 친구를 만나러 나갔어요.  재킷을 입지 않았어요. 오후 동안 밖에 있었어요. 감기에 걸린 것 같아요.

어제 일 마치고 약국에 갔어요. 나는 마스크를 쓰고 약국으로 갔어요.  콧물이 나왔어요. 약사가 약을 처방해 주었어요. 약사가 따뜻한 차를 많이 마시고 푹 쉬라고 했어요.  집에서 쉬었어요. 텔레비전을 보고 을 먹었어요. 빨리 나았으면 좋겠어요.


  1. 어떻게 하면 감기에 안 걸릴 수 있나요?

  2. 감기 걸렸을 때 차를 마시나요?

New Words

재킷 – n. jacket

마스크 – n. mask

콧물 – n. runny nose

처방 – n. prescription

쉬다 – v. rest, take a rest

– n. porridge

I got a Cold

The weather is changing. It is now spring. Some days are mild and some days are cold. On the weekend, I went to meet a friend and I did not take a jacket. We were outside for the afternoon. I think that’s why I got a cold. 

Yesterday, after work, I went to the pharmacy. I wore a face mask and walked to the pharmacy on the high street. I had a runny nose. 

The pharmacist prescribed me some medicine. The pharmacist told me to drink lots of tea and get lots of rest. 

I took the pharmacist’s advice and rested at home.  I watched TV and had some chicken soup. I was a little bored but I wanted to take care of my health. 



How can you avoid getting a cold?

Do you drink tea when you are sick?

Watch a short video on this topic from our YouTube Channel

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1.  어떻게 하면 감기에 안 걸릴 수 있나요?

 2. 감기 걸렸을 때 차를 마시나요?

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