Modern Korean Short Stories : Forgetting Your Umbrella <鞖办偘>

Welcome to the Korean Modern Short Story series.聽You will see the聽English and the Korean translations. The English is not a literal translation of Korean but you’ll get the meaning of the texts. New Korean words are below.聽Look out for the questions below and be sure to write them in the comments!

Forgetting Your Umbrella – 鞖办偘


聽雮犾敤 鞚 毵愴枅鞏挫殧.

聽“鞓る姌鞚 甑 鞐嗢澊 毵戩姷雼堧嫟.”聽

鞓る姌 鞎勳龚 雮犾敤電 毵戩晿鞏挫殧. 頃滊倶電 鞖办偘鞚 鞎 毂欔布鞏挫殧. 頃滊倶電 瓯胳柎靹 靷鞁る 於滉芳頄堨柎鞖. 臧戩瀽旮 鞓ろ泟攵韯 甑鞚 雭检榾鞏挫殧. 頃滊倶電 靸濌皝頄堨柎鞖.

“毵庫澊 頋愲Μ雱……”

頃滊倶電 靷鞁れ潉 雮橃檾鞏挫殧.聽

“牍勳暭 鞓れ 毵.” 攴鸽厐臧 順检瀽 毵愴枅鞏挫殧.

臧戩瀽旮 牍勱皜 雮措Μ旮 鞁滌瀾頄堨柎鞖.聽 牍楇癌鞖鞚 甑店矊 霒柎臁岇柎鞖.聽 頃滊倶電 牍勲ゼ 頂柬晿霠り碃 攵勳嫕歆鞙茧 霌れ柎臧旍柎鞖.聽

15攵勳澊 歆雮橂弰 瓿勳啀 牍勱皜 雮措牳鞏挫殧.聽

“鞝旮办殧, 鞚 鞖办偘鞚 鞊办劯鞖.”

“鞝曤 臧愳偓頃╇媹雼.”

頃滊倶電 鞖办偘鞚 鞊瓣碃 雮橃檾鞏挫殧.

雼れ潓雮, 頃滊倶電 攵勳嫕歆 欤检澑鞐愱矊 鞖办偘鞚 霃岆牑欷柎鞖.


1) 鞐煬攵勳澊 靷姅 霃欕劋鞐 牍勱皜 毵庫澊 雮措Μ雮橃殧?

2) 毵れ澕 鞖办偘鞚 霌り碃 雼る媹雮橃殧?

New Words

鈥 n. (phone) app

毂欔赴雼 鈥 v. to pack

牍楇癌鞖 鈥 n. a raindrop

頂柬晿雼 鈥 v. to avoid

攵勳嫕歆 鈥 n. snack shop

Forgetting Your Umbrella

Sometimes, the weather app says:

鈥淭oday will be sunny. No clouds.鈥澛

This morning, Hanna didn鈥檛 bring an umbrella. Hanna walked to work and it was sunny. While she worked, she saw clouds. She finished work in the afternoon.聽

鈥淭he clouds look very dark,鈥 Hanna thought.聽聽

Hanna walked for 20minutes to go home.聽

鈥淧lease don鈥檛 rain,鈥 she said quietly.

The rain started. It was very heavy. Hanna went into a kimbap snack bar to wait.聽

After 15 minutes, it was still raining.聽

鈥淵ou can take my umbrella, teacher.鈥

鈥淭hank you very much, sir鈥

Hanna walked to the shop and bought an umbrella.

The next day, she returned the shop owner鈥檚 umbrella.聽


Does it rain a lot in your country?

Do you take an umbrella every day?

Watch a short video on this topic from our YouTube Channel

Now it’s your turn! Leave your responses in the comments below!

1) 鞐煬攵勳澊 靷姅 霃欕劋鞐 牍勱皜 毵庫澊 雮措Μ雮橃殧?

2) 毵れ澕 鞖办偘鞚 霌り碃 雼る媹雮橃殧?

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