Beginners Resources for Korean Language Learners

by Lee-Anne

Beginner Resources

Right, let’s just straight in shall we? I have been studying Korean since the end of 2015 when I learned I was accepted into the EPIK programme for the winter 2016 intake. I started off with learning how to read, but I am not known for following the “rules” so I dived straight into Kdramas and learned vocabulary from there onwards. 

I’ll be honest, grammar was a tad bit hard for me at first, so I consumed vocabulary and through a language teacher and being open to using every experience as a learning opportunity, I picked up enough Korean to survive and interact. But of course, if you are not in Korea at the moment, you’d have to make special efforts to make sure you get a good amount of Korean in you. 

If you’re just starting out with Korean, it can be hard to know where to start. There are so many Korean learning resources available, it’s easy to feel intimidated by the sheer volume of choice and information. In this article, I’ve picked out some of the best Korean learning resources for beginners that will help you get started learning the language.



This was the first book I purchased while I was in Korea. For copyright purposes, I won’t share what’s inside, but to give you a gist, there are ten words to learn per day, with a short situational story using the words you’d be learning for that day in context, a little quiz, a review and a short activity. 

This book was helpful because I see language learning should be received like a child. They learn words and then grammar, tones, context for example, all come later. If you don’t know the name of something, how will you know what someone is referring to? You can always pick up on grammar later. Everyone has their style of learning but this one was essential for grasping this new language with very little similiarities to Chinese/English. 

While watching dramas, I was able to see/hear how these words were formed. In this book there are short scenarios that highlight the new words you’ve learned over the week. Super useful for anyone thinking about using this book. 


As I addressed Korean grammar,  I turned to this book and a couple of Talk to Me in Korean leveled workbooks and “textbooks” (I believe 1 and 2). I would advise anyone studying, even if you are self studying, you need someone to guide you. I had an awesome teacher who was my language guidance. It’s helpful for you to have someone navigate you in the early stages of language learning so you don’t develop any bad habits.

The pictured grammar book now is a little difficult to find brand new now, but you can always check out second hand or other great textbooks by like Ewha and Yonsei universities. Sejong have content which are available online.

Other Resources



This is definitely an underrated method for Korean language learners. The Michel Thomas method has done wonders when it comes to learning Korean because I can associate it with something rather than trying to figure out the words on the spot. There is literally no stress with this method.

The Michel Thomas method is definitely for auditory learners and those who don’t mind having something on in the background.  


There are lots out there but here’s a favourite: 

How To Study Korean 

 You may have heard of this site. It was first interaction with the Korean language. They are very thorough on pronunciation and spelling and it gave me a good grasp into the Korean language. 

Outbound links mentioned above


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