Lang-Wich was started by two language teachers who happened to be in the same school at the same time in Busan, South Korea. 

LeeAnne, from the UK, had been teaching English as a foreign language for several years and had an interest in studying Chinese and Korean languages having lived in both countries. She was interested in using stories as a way to bring together all that she had been learning in her language classes and her daily life in South Korea but ran into a dilemma.

Sungju, from South Korea, had been teaching Chinese for many years as well as being an avid language learner, also studying English and Chinese regularly.  A well-travelled, well-read individual, Sungju’s intrigue of cultures lead her to embark on a new project. 

The two teachers were in a study room one spring, where LeeAnne was reading a Chinese graded reader. It was super helpful for LeeAnne to read because she didn’t want to forget her Chinese having lived there for a year and a half, before arriving in Korea.

Sungju wanted to continue reading in English but not constantly looking up the dictionary for new words and LeeAnne, out of curiosity, wondering if there were graded readers like that in Korean. Sungju searched online for any kind of graded reader in Korean but there wasn’t anything modern and comfortable for Korean language learners.

“So why don’t we write one?” LeeAnne asked. And the Lang-Wich story began there, in spring 2018.

Sungju is the founder and co-founder of Lang-Wich. She is the Cultural Consultant and Content Director. She translates and edits the graded readers and short stories.


IG: @studybysj

LeeAnne is the founder and co-founder and handles all admin regarding Lang-Wich. She adapts and writes the graded readers and short stories.


IG: @morehoak