Modern Korean Short Stories : A New Restaurant <새‌ ‌식당‌ >

Welcome to the Korean Modern Short Story series. You will see the English and the Korean translations. The English is not a literal translation of Korean but you’ll get the meaning of the texts. New Korean words are below. Look out for the questions below and be sure to write them in the comments!

A New Restaurant – 새‌ ‌식당‌

새 식당

우리 동네에 새 식당이 생겼어요. 불고기 식당이에요. 지난주 금요일에 가고 싶지만 혼자 먹기는 싫었어요. 친구한테 같이 가자고 했는데 친구는 바빴어요. 

이번 주 금요일 부서 회식이 있어요. 장소는 정해지지 않았어요. 새 불고기 식당으로 가자고 했어요. 다 같이 불고기 식당을 갔어요.  제가 가보고 싶었던 불고기 식당이었어요.  정말 행복했어요. 불고기가 정말 맛있었어요. 다음에도 또 갈 거예요. 


어떤 한국 음식을 좋아하나요?

New Word

부서 회식 – n. Department dinner

A New Restaurant 

There is a new restaurant in my neighbourhood. It is a new BBQ restaurant. I want to go there on Friday but I don’t want to eat alone. I asked a friend to go with me but he was busy. 

My coworker told me today that our team is going to a company dinner on Friday. I didn’t know where we were going to go. I said I will join them.

On Friday, we arrived at the restaurant. It was the same BBQ restaurant I wanted to go to! I was very happy to eat there. The food was delicious. I will eat in that restaurant again. 


What is your favourite Korean food?

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어떤 한국 음식을 좋아하나요?

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