An Introduction to Sam Sam Sam Magazine

Food, culture, and other cool stuff

We’re introducing to you a magazine related to Korean culture written in Korean. We have found that using the language in day-to-day life allows you to remember the vocabulary. You get a chance to see vocabulary outside of “familiar” sentences.

Sam Sam Sam gets its name from the Korean language – number 3. In each edition of the magazine, we will introduce three different parts of a topic. For example, our first edition is Korean Summer Food. You will learn three popular Korean foods and how to make them in your own home.

This series came about from a discussion Sung-Ju and I had about using Korean in a practical way. Sung-Ju, a native Korean who enjoys learning about food trends, knows the latest in Korea. She works hard to educate non-native Koreans to explore the depth and beauty of her home country.



 About this series

We have written this series for the pre-intermediate level.

It is for language learners who are comfortable with Korean and enjoy a challenge.

Each edition has no more that 32 pages.

All in Korean with footnotes and activities to help with new words.

Photos of the food you will be making.

Stories about Korean food. 

There is a PDF wordlist available.

There is a YouTube video for a visual word list.

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